Skybear is a love of a boy, that lived in a too small space. Working with the shelter and his owner, we brought Skybear in and began his rehabilitation. Food Aggressive, he needs to ear by himself, plays very well with other dogs and once you get to know him, he is a cute playful dog, that protects his family. Only experienced bloodhound adopters will be considered and must have well fenced amp...
Holly is under one year of age. Food aggressive, she does not share food or treats well, and has lots of training still to complete. Appropriate for an fully grown only home with great training skills and years of experience with a bloodhound only. Visit our web siteat www.daphneyland.com if you are interested in Holly or any of her pals.
Hank is a young giant. Clumsy, energetic and shows a fear of some men. Hank is looking for a home where bloodhound skills have already been established. Lots of well fenced running space is mandatory - this boy needs country living! Please visit our website Daphneyland.com and submit an adoption form if you are interested in Hank or any of his 60+ companions looking for homes!
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